Yom Kippor

Yom Kippur means a lot to me. To me I feel like we are remembering the dead. My grandpa died. I went to his funereal. I miss him so much! Yom Kippur is a sad day and a happy day to. On Yom Kippur adults fast, I wanted to fast to but my parents said no.

That is all for now. Bye!


3 Replies to “Yom Kippor”

  1. Eliana,
    Thank you for sharing your feelings and expressing them so warmly. You chose just the right words! Keep writing!
    Mrs. Shmunes

  2. Dear Elli,

    What makes Yom Kipper sad for me is not being with you and Maytal.

    After your Bat Mitzvah, it will be time for you to fast. It’s only four and one half years away. I look forward to kvelling over you on that special day.

    Love to infinity and beyond,
    Bubbie xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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