Youngest Person I Know

The youngest person I know is Richmond. Richmond is Mr.C’s son. There is a picture of Richmond on Mr.C’s computer. Richmond’s sisters names are Zoe and Tegan. Richmond’s mom is Emily. Mr. C is my teacher. He teaches Third Grade. He worked at a circus before. He walked on stilts at school before. He is very very very FUNNY!

Yom Kippor

Yom Kippur means a lot to me. To me I feel like we are remembering the dead. My grandpa died. I went to his funereal. I miss him so much! Yom Kippur is a sad day and a happy day to. On Yom Kippur adults fast, I wanted to fast to but my parents said no.

That is all for now. Bye!


If I had a Million Dollars

If I had a million dollars I would buy a LOT of candy. I would also buy all the mansions in the WORLD! If I had a million dollars I would be a millionaire. If I had a million dollars I would buy all the water parks in the WORLD! I would LOVE to have a million dollars!

Bye for now,

Elli M

My Favorite Things

My favorite people are my Mommy and my Daddy and my favorite animal is a puppy.  I love my Mommy because she comforts me when I am sad.  I love my Daddy because  he helps me with my blog. I really love puppies because they are really soft and cuddly , unfortunately I am allergic to cats and dogs if they lick me.  I really love my family, I live with my Mommy, my Daddy and my sister Maytal.  My Great Aunt Donna lives in Orlando, and my Granddad and Grandmom live in Newtown, Pennsylvania.  My Bubbie and Poppy live in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, and my Grandma and my Grandpa used to live in Las Vegas, Nevada, but now only my Grandma lives in Las Vegas because my Grandpa died, but before we get talking about sad stuff lets do a closing.  Think of any ideas, post a comment on this blogpost talking about your ideas for our closing together.  For now we’ll use “Bye”!   I will miss you.