My Favorite Art Work

It is my favorite because I used my favorite colors. First I made a big oval, then I made an “L” that is backwards, then I made two circles, one circle in the middle and one circle in the other middle. I made one, two, three lines for my eye lashes. Then I made one big thing for my hair and at the end I made a circle and at the other end I made a circle. I made a little curve for my mouth. I made a neck and then a little curve thing for my shirt and then I colored it in with pink paint. It is my favorite art work because it looks like me.

5 Replies to “My Favorite Art Work”

  1. Elli, I LOVE it!! It’s SO cute!! You were so little!! I love what you said about your drawing! So cool! Love, Saylor

  2. Hi Eliana!!

    I love your favorite artwork!! It is really good. Your picture really does look like you! You explained how your drew your picture really well and it was easy for me to understand it. Your picture looks really professional. I like to make art too, especially sketching. Keep up the good work!

    Your friend,

    Samantha Z.

    1. Dear Eva,

      Thank You! I am so happy you are my friend. Thank you again for commenting on my blogfolio. I think your artwork is very pretty, too.

      Your Friend,

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